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Buy fresh beef offal online

Offal is a term used to refer to the internal organs and entrails of an animal. It is also called variety meats, organ meats or pluck.

Liver and tongue are two prime examples of popular offal cuts.

All our beef comes from cattle which was born, raised and slaughtered right here in Scotland. As a company, we are committed to sourcing meat from farms which meet the Quality Meat Scotland assurance standard.

Offal is a versatile meat to cook. There are so many different ways it can be done. Stew it, braise it, boil it, pickle it - just take your pick!

It is a meat that is equally tasty when served cold as when served hot. An ox tongue sandwich is simple and easy to make for a quick lunch!

Not to mention there are a lot of health benefits of eating beef offal. It is high in Vitamin A antioxidants which gives your body protection from several diseases. Including those related to oxidative stress. Vitamin A is also vital to helping maintain eye health.

The range of nutrients in Offal help your body fight against anemia while also aiding in fertility issues. It contains high levels of folate which help promote a healthy pregnancy.

variety of beef offal cuts available for you to buy online at Campbells Prime Meat Ltd.

Whenever you place an order with us, we guarantee that it will arrive fresh.

This is because our trained butchers prepare each order on the day of dispatch.

Once your order is with you, you can choose whether to freeze it, or cook it within a few days. All of our fresh beef has a refrigerated shelf life of six days.

In addition to offering great deals and prices, we also offer free delivery on all orders above £50.

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