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  • Beef Fillet Strips
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    Beef Fillet Strips

    Beef Fillet Strips
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Buy fresh beef stir fry online

Stir fries are a popular meal. Whether you're having it as a healthy midweek meal or as a weekend treat.

Stir frying is a Chinese cooking technique which became popular in the 14th century. These dishes tend to include solid ingredients like meat and vegetables. Which are fried in a small amount of boiling oil while being stirred in a wok.

Chinese immigrants brought the technique with them to the west, where it has grown in the popular dishes we all know and love today.

Beef Stir Fry meats are available to buy online from the Campbells Prime Meat Ltd website.

The beef we use comes from cattle which were born, raised and slaughtered on farms here in Scotland. We source our beef from farms meeting the Quality Meat Scotland assurance standards. Ensuring that welfare standards have been met.

The meat used is carefully selected. It is then hung for between 21-28 days in our very own chill.

As a result of this hanging process, our meat is both tender and bursting to the brim with flavour.

When you order beef stir fry meats online from Campbells Prime Meat, we guarantee you freshness.

It's our promise to our valued customers.

The Campbell's butchers prepare each order onsite at our premises in Linlithgow. It is then sent out on the day of dispatch. So, rest assured that it is as fresh possible when it arrives at your door.

All our beef products have a refrigeration shelf life of up to six days. So, once we deliver your order, it is up to you whether you want to freeze it for later, or cook within a few days. In addition to our great savings, Campbells Prime Meat also offer free delivery on all orders over £50.

Shop the fantastic selection of stir fry beef today.

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