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Burger Obesession

I have to admit, I have a mild obsession with burgers. Every time I go out with friends whether it be for a catch up, a quick bite before the cinema or simply because I think I deserve a treat, I order a burger. Burgers, I believe, are a humble and honest food. When executed right, and I mean served on a good quality bap, smothered in sauce and topped with a gherkin, they really are the perfect food. Like a lot of things, the burger became americanised in the 1930s. You could pop into a diner, pull up a pew and order a hamburger, fries and pop. Although originated in Hamburg, the burger has evolved over the years into the modern day cheeseburger.


Megan Burger Pack

Here at Campbells we are always looking to develop our burger recipes by coming up with unique ideas – and we love any excuse to have samples cooked off and a tasting session in the office. We love to come up with new ideas and combine products to make the perfect burger. But what makes the perfect burger? In April I published Campbells’ first blog on Lamb Mince, and highlighted the benefits of our mince products. But the mince is just the first part of the burger – the seasoning i.e. the second most important part, ensures the correct balance of meat and flavour. So, for the summer we have launched a new Special Burger Pack called Megan’s Burger Pack.

The pack contains:

Heatherfield Burger, Blaggis Burger, Chilli Burger,  Savoury and Onion Burger

These burgers have big flavours in them, my favourite one being the Chilli Burger. These particular burgers are quite unique at Campbells, and are set apart from a lot of burgers available in fast food restaurants and high street supermarkets. Which gave me another thought; what if we put Arran Cheddar Cheese on top of these burgers to melt and test? They were so tasty and really added to the overall flavour of the burger. We tried Arran Cheddar Cheese with Chilli on top of our Chilli Burger and Arran Cheddar Cheese with Whisky on top of our Blaggis Burger – they really were the perfect combination.

Try them out for yourselves and let us know your choice of perfect combination. Have a look at our website and place your order today. Remember, orders over £50 qualify for FREE delivery.