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Megan 'Gourmet' Conway

Megan 'Gourmet' Conway

I’m a wee Scottish lassie born in Edinburgh raised in Blackburn with an appetite that can put many bodybuilders to shame and a nose that can give wolves a run for their money.

If I could, I would call myself Megan ‘Gourmet’ Conway as I love food – not just any food but premium quality produce that will tantalise my taste buds and give me a sense of fulfilment.

In short, what I’m trying to say is I’m a foodie – if it’s not good enough for my taste buds then it’s not going in my tummy.

Although I completed a degree in English Literature and History, I worked within the food industry whilst I was studying, mostly in restaurants as a manager. Now I’m on the other side, working for one of Scotland’s largest suppliers of meat, fish and delicatessen items into the food industry.

It’s approaching my year anniversary with Campbells and I can’t quite believe how quickly the time has gone and most notably how my meat and fish knowledge has grown. Working with a company like Campbells unlocks the door to the food industry; it’s not quite the same as walking into a local supermarket and buying a venison steak. In the office you cannot get such a thing, there are questions over trim, saddle, haunch, ounces, kilos and so on. But I had to learn quickly, particularly when I have the sales team asking me for costs, margins and competitor prices.

Being one of the youngest in the office, I am still learning, but I am putting my skills to good use. Alongside our marketing manager, I have created Campbells Blog where I intend to share recipes, information on products, farms and welfare standards as well as have a bit of fun cooking the products myself. I will share all the innovative and exciting things that are happening here at Campbells along with my adoration for food!