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Nick’s Steak Burgers

‘There’s not many places I’d buy a ready-made beef burger patty from, but these Campbells ones are great. They’re all ready for a summer barbecue.

My perfect burger goes in a brioche bun, has a strip of crispy pancetta, a slice of melted Monterey Jack cheese and a good helping of homemade slaw.

My tips are to make sure your barbecue is properly ready. The embers should be glowing, not flaming. Cook the burgers from room temperature, and don’t fiddle about with them once they’re on the grill. Leave to cook properly before turning, or you’ll have bits of burger stuck all over the grill.

I know burger places are popping up everywhere, but I think burgers have always been in vogue. Campbells is a proper gourmet burger and stands up to any competition brilliantly.’