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Buy fresh grilled turkey online

In recent years, there has been a lot of negativity in the press in regards to weight. Obesity is on the rise, so it's no wonder that the people of Great Britain are looking for healthier food options.

Whether you want to cut down on fat, increase your protein intake or just want to eat a healthier diet, at Campbells Meat we have a solution.

Turkey is a lean meat that is considered to be a healthier option to other poultry. Meaning it's the perfect substitution if you want to cut down on fat. In particular, grilled turkey is a lean dream. Especially for people who are looking to build muscle.

Shop our fantastic range of grilled turkey online today.

At Campbells Prime Meat Ltd, we have a range of grilled turkey products for you to choose from.

Buy our boneless turkey breast to grill. Cut the meat into generous sized slices to stick it on the grill.

Serve with your choice of sauce on a bed of rice for a filling midweek meal. If you're trying to cut back on the carbs, switch the rice for a bed of salad instead.

To spice things up, why not marinade the meat in your favourite sauces or rubs before grilling?

We source our grilled turkey meat from quality assured farms in Cumbria.

Campbells prides itself on its promise to deliver fresh produce to its customers. That's why, our butchers prepare your order on the day it is dispatched. This helps us ensure that it is as fresh as possible when it arrives at your door. Once it is delivered, you can choose whether to cook it that day or freeze it for later.

We offer free delivery on all orders over £50 - ideal for those of you who buy in bulk.

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