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  • Ham Hock Smoked
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    Ham Hock Smoked

    Ham Hock Smoked
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Buy fresh ham hock online

Ham hock is a cut that is taken from the foot of the pig. To be more precise, it is the hog's knuckle.

The most common use of this joint is in the making of soups and stocks. It’s an affordable cut that consists mostly of bone, fat and a little meat.

Not to be mistaken with trotters, which is taken from the ankle down. The source of ham hock is just above the trotter, where the meat yields an intense flavour.

As previously mentioned, ham hock is ideal for the making of soups and stock.

To create a ham hock stock, simmer the hock in water for a long period of time. This allows the water to take on the intense pork flavour. The added benefit of this is that the meat will become so tender it will easily fall of the bone. Both the stock made during simmering and the meat are great additions to any pea or lentil based soups.

The meat can also be collected after boiling and put to good use in a terrine or pate. Alternatively, you can slow cook the meat on the bone and serve with side dishes such as sauerkraut.

Although there is little meat to be had, the pork on ham hock is incredibly rich and full of flavour.

We are often asked how long ham hock takes to cook. As a general guideline, we find that cooking this cut for 2-3 hours yields the best results.

Our pork is sourced from Quality Meat Scotland Certified Assured farms. This allows us to source meat that is of the highest quality.

From our purpose built, our butchers prepare each order on the day of dispatch. Guaranteeing that you will receive produce as fresh as possible.

Once your order arrives at your door, you can decide whether to cook it from fresh, or freeze it for use at a later date.

At Campbells Prime Meat, you have a choice between buying ham hock that is smoked or unsmoked.

We have provided some of the finest pork products to eateries up and down the country. These have included some of the finest establishments in Scotland, and even a few Michelin star hotels and restaurants along the way! With our eCommerce site, you now have the opportunity to sample these restaurant-quality products and buy pork online.

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