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  • Scotch Beef Jacobs Ladder cooked
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    Scotch Beef Jacobs Ladder

    Now £16.00Was £21.00
    Scotch Beef Jacobs Ladder
    Now £16.00Was £21.00
  • Scotch Beef Hanger Steak
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    Scotch Beef Hanger Steak

    Scotch Beef Hanger Steak
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Buy fresh hanger steak online

The hanger steak is a cut taken from the plate, or lower belly of the cattle. Because it comes from an area of the body which does little to no work, the meat is incredibly tender. In fact, it is one of the most tender cuts of beef available.

It is lower in calories than other beef cuts. Making it a favourite with those who are looking to lose weight.

At Campbells Prime Meat Ltd, we carefully select the meat we use before hanging it for 21-28 days in our very own chill.

The Hanger Steak is held in high esteem because of its beautifully rich flavour. As a tender cut, it lends itself well to marinating and grilling.

Soak the steak in red wine before pan searing it. Serve with roast vegetables and side salad for a perfect weekend treat.

For more delicious ways to cook this steak, check out our recipes page.

At Campbell's, we source all of beef from farms that meet the Quality Meat Scotland assurance standard.

When you place an order through Campbell Prime Meat Ltd, we guarantee you freshness. It's our promise to you, our valued customer.

Our butchers prepare each order onsite at our Linlithgow premises on the day of dispatch. Every order, whether it is big or small, is prepared from 100% fresh meat. So, your meat will arrive as fresh as possible at your door.

Once we deliver, it is up to you to choose whether you want to freeze it or consume it that week. All our hanger steaks have a refrigeration shelf life of up to six days.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with great value for money. So, in addition to offering great deals and prices, we also offer free delivery on every order over £50.

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