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Nick's Peppered Scotch Beef fillet strips with whisky and mushroom sauce

This recipe has been used in Nick’s restaurant for 25 years.

Prep Time


Cook Time


Cooking Method


Recipe Category

Beef recipes

Recipe Cuisine

Modern Scottish

Recipe Ingredient

Beef Fillet Strips



Total Time


To serve

  • 50g broccoli
  • 150g potato mash


  • 120g of Scotch Beef fillet strips   Buy Now
  • 3 brown cap mushrooms
  • 10g of butter
  • 15ml of blended whisky
  • 30ml of beef stock cube
  • 25ml double cream
  • Salt   Buy Now
  • Freshly Ground Black Pepper


Defrost the beef fillet strips overnight in the refrigerator.

Beat the fillet strips to the thickness of £1 coin in double cling film. Heavily pepper and salt lightly on fillet strips.

Heat non-stick frying pan over medium heat and add teaspoon of oil. Place strips in pan and fry for 3mins. Turn strips and add butter & chopped mushrooms. Cook for 3 more minutes whilst stirring mushroom each time. Add whisky then stock. Increase heat to high and reduce until thick. Add double cream and reduce to coating consistency.

Nick’s Tip – If sauce becomes thick and oily (split), simply add tablespoon of water and work it back in with spoon or spatula.

Lay on plate and finish with broccoli and potato mash.