Why Campbells?

“Excellent quality, delicious taste, superb consistency – some of the best I’ve ever had"

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Master Fishmongers

Master Fishmongers

Master Fishmongers on why Campbells is truly the brand to beat when it comes to quality & freshness.

We champion the traditional skills of a fishmonger and we hand fillet our fish on a daily basis. We can provide traceability information for all our fish which means that you can be assured of quality produce and sustainable fish stocks are maintained every time you place your order.

We’re unique in that we still cut exactly what people want and work with them to find what they’re looking for – even if they don’t know the name for it. We go up to the fish markets to source our fish daily from Scrabster, Shetland and Peterhead and hand-pick only the freshest fish landed from boats fishing in the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

“We make sure the fish we source is top quality and from sustainable fish stocks.”

We are committed to buying from sustainable fish stocks and always buy demersal fish at a certain size, allowing them to mature and reproduce several times before being landed. We never buy any fish undersize or over quota. We sell over 50 species of fish.

We vacuum pack our fish and deliver it in specially designed polystyrene boxes with ice gel packs so that the fish stays fresh throughout the journey. We love talking to chefs and household customers so that we get it right for them. If you enjoy cooking fish, the best advice is simple; get to know your fishmonger.