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Lamb Guard of Honour
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Fresh Lamb Guard of Honour Online

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A guard of honour is two French-trimmed racks of Scotch Lamb facing each other, fat side out to form an arch shape, the pinnacle of the Butcher's art. A regal cut that is surprisingly easy and quick to prepare. The 'guard of honour' is so called because it looks like soldiers' swords interlocked in an arch.

The Racks are cut from the best end (loin) of lamb. The meat is excellent, moist and tender with fine, sweet flavours. A French trimmed Rack has the meat and fat covering the ribs removed so that the white bones stick out.

All of our lamb is certified Scotch Lamb, from quality assured farms in Aberdeenshire and the highlands of Scotland. These lambs roam in the natural heather hills and pastures which make their meat tender and succulent.

You will get 7 bones in each rack (14 in total).

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