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Buy fresh roasting pork online

Pork is one of the meats used in a traditional British Sunday Roast.

This tradition is thought to have started in the 1700s. It is believed that people would roast a joint of meat during the time they were at Church on a Sunday. Though there are claims that this Greta British custom is much older.

The Sunday roast has gone on to become one of the English speaking world's most beloved dishes.

At Campbells Prime Meat Ltd, we offer a fine selection of roasting pork joints. So, you can cook up a wholesome meal for the entire family.

Our pork belly is one of the most popular roasting pork joints available. The fat in this cut means that it is almost impossible to overcook!

Other popular roasting pork joints include the pork shoulder, pork leg and boneless gammon.

No matter which pork roasting cut you choose, you're sure to be left with full bellies and happy guests.

Don't forget the veg! After all, what's a roast dinner without a selection of vegetables? Some of our personal favourites to include in a Sunday Dinner are: roast potatoes, peas, carrots, sprouts and broccoli. But, it is entirely down to you what vegetables you want to serve. We also suggest adding stuffing, Yorkshire Puddings and a drizzle of gravy to the meal.

When you place an order for roasting pork joints through Campbells, we guarantee you'll receive meat that is 100% fresh.

Our highly trained butchers prepare each order onsite at our Linlithgow premises. The orders are then sent out to our customers on the same day as they are prepared. Meaning you'll receive the freshest produce possible.

Don't forget that Campbells Prime Meat offer free delivery on every order over £50. What better incentive for you to buy your meat orders in bulk?

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