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Buy fresh Scotch pork online

At Campbells Meat, we have a variety of different Scotch Pork cuts available to buy online.

Our Scotch pork is scourced from quality assured farms, right here in Scotland. Most of our pork farms are situated in Ayrshire. By sourcing pigs from farms that properly care for their animals, we can ensure that our customers get only the best quality of meat.

The pigs are free to roam around outdoors to root and forage. This gives the meat a wonderful marbled effect which results in a fuller flavour and a tenderer meat.

Pork is one of the most popular meats in the world. It is used in cuisines from a whole host of different cultures. Its popularity can be accredited to its sheer versatility.

There are numerous ways to cook our Scotch Pork. With so many cultures using it in their dishes, there are a variety of new cooking methods for you to try out. So, you have a completely free reign in deciding how to cook yours.

Many of our Scotch Pork cuts respond well to marinating as well.

There are so many ways this meat can be cooked and served. With Scotch Pork you can:

  • Make a delicious bacon butty to get you ready in the morning.
  • Cook a mouth-watering gammon steak with all the garnish.
  • Create curries or stir-fries the whole family will love.
  • Roast a pork meat joint for Sunday dinner.
  • Prepare lip-smacking soups & stocks

Campbells Meat has unique, purpose built premises in Linlithgow. From here our expert butchers prepare every order on the day of dispatch. So, when you place an order with us, we guarantee that your meat will be delivered fresh to your door.

Once with you, there's a choice to be made between cooking it or freezing it. Shop the full range of fresh Scotch pork available online today at Campbells Prime Meat.

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