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New and Improved BBQ Party Meat Box only £50!

As featured in BBQ Magazine, our favourite barbecue box is back for summer 2021, and it's even bigger and better value than ever before!

Our skilled butchers have specially selected the finest handmade cuts of meat for grilling. From classic steak burgers and succulent sausages to the freshest chicken, this box has everything you need for a fantastic live fire experience for all.

Our BBQ Party Meat Box includes:

Campbells Steak Burgers - 4 x 170g each
Hand Pressed Pork and Chorizo - 4 x 170g each
Campbells Chilli Burger - 4x 170g
Premium Pork Sausages - 454g (approx 6)
Chicken Drumsticks Pack 1kg
Chicken Thighs On The Bone 1kg
Pork Loin Steaks - 4 x 170g each
Brigston & Co Hot dogs
Great British Butcher Marinade- 1 x 35g




Featured Product - Brigston & Co Fresh Artisan Hot Dog

This year we are also excited to include the exclusive Brigston & Co Fresh Artisan Hot Dogs. These gourmet hot dogs are lovingly handcrafted in Dumfries and Galloway from quality farm-assured British beef and pork, and a delicious secret blend of herbs and spices that is perfect for all hot dog lovers. How will you have yours?


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