• Campbells Meat Six Nations Sausages Pack
  • Campbells Meat Salsiccia Italian Sausages
  • Campbells Meat Cumberland Ring Sausages
  • Campbells Meat Pork And Leek Sausages

Enjoy watching the six nations with our uniquely made sausages, we have developed these unique sausages and sausage pack in line with the nations featured in the six nation’s rugby championships. We have unique sausages to represent each nation with each sausage created to represent flavours that you might associate with that country, see below for a list of sausages and what nation they represent!

  • England - Cumberland Rings
  • France - Pork & Herb Sausage
  • Ireland - Pork Sausages
  • Italy - Tomato & Beef Sausages
  • Scotland - Pork, Haggis & Herb Sausage
  • Wales - Pork and Leek Sausages

Enjoy the rugby championships with these delicious sausages representing your favourite six nation’s team or enjoy the six nations food pack and get a bit of everything.

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The insulated expanded polystyrene box is leak proof and sturdy. It keeps the inside cool. Our ice packs are made with a water-based gel, which is frozen and packed with the meat. This will keep the meat at the correct temperature for up to 48 hours. When the ice does melt, it stays as a gel, which prevents the delivery becoming wet.

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