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  • Smoked Lardons of bacon
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    Smoked Lardons of bacon 1kg

    Smoked Lardons of bacon 1kg
  • Virginia Cure Streaky Bacon Sliced
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    Virginia Cure Streaky Bacon Sliced

    Virginia Cure Streaky Bacon Sliced
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Buy fresh Van Der Mey pork online

Pork is one of the world's favourite meats. Used in different cuisines across the globe. We can credit its versatility as the main reason for its popularity.

This meat lends itself to just about any type of cooking. Meaning you have free reign in choosing how to cook your pork cuts. It's a meat that even responds well to marinating.

At Campbell's Prime Meat, we source a lot of our bacon and gammon products from the dutch specialists, Van der Mey.

The brand was initially established as a butcher's shop in the dutch town of Sassenheim. It has since gone on to become a leading manufacturer in the meat production industry. Using their vast knowledge and experience in the industry, the company consistently produces safe and high-quality products. Specialising in the production of ham and bacon products. Supplying goods to the retail and wholesale sectors across Europe, Asia and the middle East.

Many of Scotland's best hotels and restaurants buy their Van der Mey pork products from Campbell's Meat.

Van der Mey's smoked bacon is traditionally brine-cured. They use a recipe which dates back to the 1950s. The meat is smoked over beech wood. Only whole backs are selected for this bacon, with no more than 10mm of fat.

The bacon steaks are cut from the loin and are cured using the same methods as their bacon rashers.

The taste of Van der Mey pork products is entirely different from the bacon available on supermarket shelves. It also has less contraction and moisture loss during cooking.

These whole backs are suitable for home slicing or making your own pancetta.

Shop the full range of Van der Mey pork products, such as bacon rashers and gammon steaks, online today at Campbells Prime Meat Ltd.

Keep in mind that we offer free delivery on all orders over £50.

We have provided some of the finest pork products to eateries up and down the country. These have included some of the finest establishments in Scotland, and even a few Michelin star hotels and restaurants along the way! With our eCommerce site, you now have the opportunity to sample these restaurant-quality products and buy pork online.

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