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Fresh Poultry from Campbells Online Butchers

Here at Campbells online butchers we have a great selection of fresh poultry available to order online, with fresh delivery to your door offered as standard! We provide a range of whole birds that are perfect for Sunday roast dinners and the like, as well as fillets, thighs, breasts and legs.

And if you are feeling extra hungry, you can find mouth-watering fresh poultry meat packs here too.

Much of our online Chicken is sourced from Scotland. All of our online Duck and online Guinea Fowl is sourced from France. We are in contact with a few duck farms in the Brittany area where we source mallard duck, Barbary duck and pecking duck.

Our online Turkey breast is sourced fresh from Cumbria. Our Free Range Scottish Chicken Range is supplied by a farm in Laurencekirk, where the chicken can roam around the farm and are fed on a diet of grass and cereal feed. Our fresh poultry butchers here at Campbells ensure your online poultry products are prepared in a traditional way.

Fresh poultry including chicken, turkey, duck and guinea fowl, prepared for you by traditional butchers. We make sure all our chicken comes from the best selected suppliers, without added moisture.

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