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Whether you fancy cooking up a succulent whole roast chicken, chicken supreme or chicken goujons, our selection of chicken cuts allows you to master every mealtime.

From lean chicken breast fillets to juicy chicken thighs, our selection of chicken cuts have something for every recipe. Whether you’re rustling up a tikka masala, casserole, kievs, or even firing up the barbecue, you’re guaranteed to have the perfect cut for you online at Campbells Prime Meats.

With free delivery available over £70, you can stock up on all the different chicken cuts you need for the week, then take some inspiration from our delicious chicken recipes or blog on how to cook, prepare and season up your meat to help level up your weeknight meals.

You don’t have to worry about freshness, as each Campbells order is freshly packed onsite on the day of delivery and delivered straight to your door. Quality is of the utmost importance to us and is what our company thrives on everyday, so we can guarantee that each and every order will provide the same quality as the next.

Alongside our selection of chicken cuts, we also sell a wide range of other meat, cheese and deli products, including steak, sausages, pork and more. We even have a meat box that allows you to try a curation of our different meat products each week. So what are you waiting for? Order chicken online today with Campbells Prime Meat and ensure quality with every meal.