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    Haddock Fillets x 2

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    Stuarts Fish Box

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    Angel Cut Haddock Fillet

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Haddock is a popular saltwater fish that belongs to the cod family, Gadidae. It is known for its mild, delicate flavour and firm, white flesh, making it a favourite choice in seafood cuisine.  This versatile fish can be prepared in various ways, including baking, grilling, frying, and smoking, and is often featured in dishes such as fish and chips, chowder, and fish pies, for more inspiration on how to cook haddock, browse our selection of fish recipes.

We have a selection of haddock to choose from, including fresh and flaky fresh haddock fillets, alongside smoked haddock that has been soaked in brine, then expertly smoked in a kiln with oak chips. Our smoked haddock fillets that we have on offer are not only a Scottish delicacy, but also distinctive in flavour and perfect served up with runny poached eggs. Our haddock is also amazing when battered and enjoyed alongside homemade chips for a traditional take on a chippy tea - aka fish and chips -  at home. If you’re looking to use our haddock fillets for a lighter dinner throughout the week, however, our selection of healthy fish recipes are flavourful, nutritious and ideal for the entire family.

Alongside haddock, we also have a fantastic selection of fresh fish that can be delivered straight to your door, including cod, salmon , smoked salmon and other white fish. We even have a fish box that will supply you with a range of our fresh fish to enjoy throughout the week. For fresh fish suppers without even having to set foot outside of the house, buy fresh haddock online at Campbells Meat.