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We have provided some of the finest pork products to eateries up and down the country. These have included some of the finest establishments in Scotland, and even a few Michelin star hotels and restaurants along the way! With our eCommerce site, you now have the opportunity to sample these restaurant-quality products and buy pork online.

Many of our pork products are cut by hand by our master butchers, including our pork chops, pork steaks, pork loin steaks, bacon steaks that are perfect for creating tasty, quick and easy midweek meals. We also have pulled pork in supply, which is an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be used in a number of dishes and cuisines.

All our products are also made here on-site at our butchery in Linlithgow where every individual customer order is cut by hand by our master butchers. We also make sure to source as many of our products close to home to ensure a higher quality product while reducing food miles and promoting both sustainable food systems and animal welfare. This means we can deliver the quality of a craft butcher with the convenience of ordering online. All of our products are also delivered in our environmentally friendly boxes.

We also have a range of bacon, including back bacon, streaky bacon, Virginia cured bacon, and bacon lardons. Lardons are a fantastic ingredient that can be used in a wide variety of dishes, from soups to pasta dishes, to mince dishes. Another fantastic ingredient we have in supply is ham hock, smoked and unsmoked. Ham hock is perfect for making stock that can be used as a base for soups. Pig ears can also be fried until crispy and eaten as a snack.

Gammon is an incredibly popular choice for our customers, and we have a large choice of cuts to choose from including smoked gammon and gammon steaks. For a simple pork roast we also have everything you need including pork fillet, pork leg, and pork shoulder boneless

Minced pork and diced pork can also be used in a variety of dishes. We also have pork burgers on sale made from pork mince, and our pork and chorizo burgers are very popular during barbecue season as are our pork ribs (also called pork spare ribs).

We also have a wide range of Specially Selected Pork products. This means the products have a protected geographical status and are part of a quality assurance scheme audited by Quality Meat Scotland. The label means that pigs were born reared and processed right here in Scotland on farms that adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare and sustainable farming practices.

Whether you are looking for the perfect bacon for a butty or a premium pork roast joint our wide variety of products ensures you can find the perfect pork online for home delivery.

Buy our Fresh Pork Belly Online

If you’re looking for something a bit different, our delicious pork belly is also super versatile and perfect for serving up when you’re hosting. Why not try our sticky pork belly recipe? Glazed with mustard, sugar and soy sauce, it’s guaranteed to have your taste buds tingling.

Buy our Fresh Pork Loin Online

One of the more premium cuts of pork, pork loin is extremely tender and the ideal choice if you want something succulent to enjoy at tea time. Why not try marinating up some of our tasty pork loin steaks with one of these five delicious marinades. However you like to flavour your pork loin, we’re guaranteed to have a recipe for you to try, alongside the produce to make it taste even better.