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    Pulled Pork

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At Campbells Meat, we like to reduce waste as much as possible, which is why we allow you to get your hands on the more unusual cuts of pork, such as pig head, pigs head, pork daube and pig leg. Despite them being less common, these pork cuts are just as delicious and extremely versatile.

Pork steak, pork chops and pork belly are all popular cuts, but have you ever wondered about the other, more unique cuts of pork?

Pigs Head

Despite being less common, pigs head is actually a versatile cut of pork that can be used in many different ways. For example, you can use it to make stocks and terrines, or deep fry it to make delicious, salty croquettes. Say no to waste and try your hand at cooking with a pig head.

Pork Daube

Although less popular than the likes of pork steaks or pork chops, pork daube is actually a perfectly tender cut that can be used in everyday cooking. Why not try using a cut of pork daube to whip up a delicious and warming stew?

Pulled Pork

Save time in the kitchen by purchasing your delicious pulled pork from Campbells Meat. Produced from flank and chump, it’s super tasty popped in sandwiches, burgers or smoked up on the BBQ. Buy pulled pork online with us today.

Campbells Meat is a traditional butcher dedicated to offering pork cuts that are often forgotten by the supermarkets. Delivering Scotch pork from Ayrshire farms, we guarantee quality every time. Get free delivery on orders over £70 today.