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At Campbells, we’re serious about quality – and we believe that Scotch is the best in the world. Whatever the recipe calls for let us help you find the perfect cut from our wide selection.

We have lamb chops, lamb barnsley chops, lamb steaks, lamb leg steaks bone in, and several other cuts that are perfect for putting together a quick midweek meal in under 30 minutes. Many of these cuts have a cooking time of under 15 minutes, especially smaller cuts liked cooked lamb chops.

These types of cuts are also very filling and packed with flavour in every bite making them an ideal choice for those of us who are pushed for time, or prefer easier dishes, but still want to eat high quality, delicious, and nutritious meals regularly and with minimal time and effort. We also recommend braised lamb shanks in a stew or tagine for an easy and tasty meal where the juicy, tender, and flavoursome meat is gently cooked until it falls off the bone easily. Perfect for stewing, casseroles, and slow cooking.

Also a very popular ingredient in South Asian cuisine, common choices of lamb for curry include diced lamb, diced leg of lamb, and minced lamb seasoned with garam masala and served with basmati rice. The latter can also be used to make delicious lamb meatballs and shepherd's pie. An ever versatile ingredient, it is easy to see why it is such a popular choice for a wide variety of cuisines.

As well as having cuts for more exotic dishes, we also know that for many nothing can beat a classic Sunday Roast. We have a wide variety of lamb roasts and lamb roasting joints including saddle of lamb, boneless leg of lamb, lamb shoulder roasts, lamb shoulder mini roasts, lamb shoulder boneless larger joints, and spectacular leg of lamb on the bone. Perfect choices for any time of year, as such good quality should not just be reserved for Easter.

We like our roasts to be simple and enjoy it when dishes allow for the quality of our products to speak for themselves. Our recipes are packed with plenty of tips, tricks, and ideas to inspire you in the kitchen. Our easy to follow step by step guides and recipes for all levels are perfect for both novice cooks and seasoned chefs alike. For a perfect roast, we recommend allowing your cut of meat to reach room temperature before seasoning with garlic cloves and rosemary, placing in a roasting pan, then placing in a preheated oven.

Many of our products are Scotch Lamb. This means the products have a protected geographical status and the stringent standards are audited by Quality Meat Scotland. The label means that the products are made from lambs that are born reared and processed here in Scotland while adhering to the highest standards of animal welfare and sustainable farming practices.

For generations, we have provided high-quality lamb products to some of the finest establishments in Scotland, including restaurants and hotels with Michelin stars. Our eCommerce site allows you to buy lamb online for home delivery, so you receive the same restaurant-quality meat with the convenience of ordering online.

All our products are individually cut by hand fresh and delivered to your door in our environmentally friendly boxes. Most of the farms we source from are right here in Scotland, so we can deliver a more premium product while reducing food miles. We do this so our customers receive the finest quality products prepared by craft butchers in a way that is environmentally friendly and promotes sustainable food systems.

For four generations we have worked directly with only the finest master butchers, as well as farmers and suppliers to ensure that our meat meets the highest quality standards – from farm to fork. Living up to this commitment to our customers – from consumers to Michelin star chefs – takes more than being an excellent butcher. It takes hard work and dedication to our craft.

It takes over 100 years of heritage, experience and skills passed down through the generations. And that’s what makes us the Masters of Taste.