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Ever wondered where to buy venison online? We have a range of Scottish and wild Venison available from our website that is prepared by our online venison butchers.

Roe Deer and Red Deer are native species which colonised in Scotland around 10,000 years ago and have survived since then, mainly in the Scottish highlands.

Before 1960 Deer were classed as vermin due to the damage they caused to the forest industry. But now the species are a popular food and the main attraction is that the meat is low in fat. The Roe Deer are most widely distributed in Scotland.

Buy venison online from our popular items including Smoked Venison and Scottish Wild Venison Steaks, supplied by the Scottish Smokehouse known as Rannoch Smokery. We also have a range of other cuts including venison haunches, medallions, and boneless loins, as well as minced and smoked venison.

And if you are wondering how to cook venison, then have a look through our inspiration section and find some truly mouth-watering venison recipes to try out.

Delicious venison sourced from wild Scottish deer. We are traditional Scottish butchers, offering the finest produce from Scotland's land and sea. Buy venison online from Campbells Prime Meats Ltd, with free delivery with orders over £70.