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Packed full of vitamins and nutrients, fresh fish is the best way to feed your family lighter and healthier meals. In Scotland, we have some of the finest fish available right on our doorstep. From fillets to smoked fish, take a look at our selection if you’re looking to buy fresh fish online. Our guaranteed fresh, never frozen fish selection is ideal for stews, curries, stir fry or cooked as it comes.

Rich in Omega 3 and protein, fish should be the cornerstone of every family’s healthy, balanced diet. We have a massive selection including smoked salmon, cod fillet, sea bass, haddock, kippers, salmon fillet, hake, sole, rainbow trout and more. Our fish isn’t just delicious, fresh, and locally-sourced, it’s also incredibly quick and easy to prepare. So whether you’re putting together a healthy salad or just looking to brighten up a weekday evening, we’ve got just the right option for you.

And we even offer free delivery on orders over £70. Plus, if you need some inspiration on how you can make each individual fillet more flavourful, check out our recipe section.

We source our North Sea fish every day to order from the markets at Scrabster and Peterhead, fresh off the boat. Each catch is hand-picked by our Master Fishmongers to ensure Campbells’ quality and consistency. That’s because at Campbells we are serious about quality and consistency. It’s more than our livelihood – it’s our legacy.

We work with only the finest fishmongers to ensure that our meat meets the highest quality standards – from sea to supper. Living up to this commitment to our customers – from consumers to Michelin star chefs – takes more than hard work. It takes dedication to our craft. It takes over 100 years of heritage, experience and skills passed down through the generations. And that’s what makes us the Masters of Taste