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Here at Campbells, we strive to provide our customers with the finest and highest quality cuts of meat around - and our selection of sirloin steaks really reflect that. Available in twin packs that are perfect for date night, or as part of our bespoke meat boxes, you’re guaranteed taste and quality with every bite - no matter how you like yours cooked!

Sirloin steak is often the leaner part of the steak and has more protein and less fat than other cuts, however it's still packed with flavour. At Campbells Meat, every cut of our sirloin steak is prepared by our experienced and professional butchers on our Linlithgow premises and delivered fresh to your doorstep. So it’s ready to be grilled, fried or barbecued any way you like.

How to cook sirloin steak

There is no objective way to cook sirloin steak, it all depends on how you prefer yours served up, whether that’s rare, medium, well-done or somewhere in between. If you want to cook it perfectly to your liking, however, you’ll need the correct sirloin steak cooking times. We have included our guide on how to cook the perfect steak here to make sure you can properly prepare and enjoy our delicious cuts of meat.

Our sirloin steaks can be enjoyed with any sauce of your choice, too, whether that be creamy peppercorn, sharp blue cheese or tangy chimichurri. For more inspiration on what the right sauce is for you, check out our top 10 steak sauces here.

Sirloin Steak Delivery UK

If sirloin steak isn’t for you, we have plenty of other cuts of steak available, including fillet, and ribeye. Browse and shop our full selection of beef steaks here and enjoy free delivery on orders over £70.