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    Monkfish Cheeks

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Our dedication to delivering top-quality seafood remains unwavering, and our monkfish offerings are no exception. This delicious white fish is bursting with rich, succulent flavour and is sourced from the cold waters off the coast of Scotland.

Buy monkfish online with Campbells Meat and pair these delectable treats with lemon and sea salt, or if you’re wanting an elegant meal at home, why not try an indulgent white wine sauce with mustard and chilli flakes. Take more inspiration from our range of fish recipes.

Like all white fish, monkfish is rich in omega-3, providing many health benefits. The fish is also a rick source of protein, which makes it great for days when you’re looking to switch up your meat for fish.

Our responsibly sourced monkfish is a great alternative to the usual classics such as cod and haddock. Get adventurous with new flavours and food pairings when you order monkfish with Campbells Meat.

Have this fresh monkfish delivered straight to your door. Shop Campbells meat and fish and receive free delivery on orders over £70.