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  • 10 Smoked Salmon Recipes

    12 Jan

    10 Smoked Salmon Recipes

    What can you do with smoked salmon? What does salmon go with? What are the best smoked salmon recipes? 

    Our fresh  fishand  smoked fishproducts are some of the best available in Scotland. We are particularly renowned for our  Campbells & Corange of ...

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  • Campbells Fish Box Recipes

    11 Jan

    Campbells Fish Box Recipes

    At Campbells we are exceptionally proud of the quality of our ingredients. Our  Fish Box was curated by Stuart, our master fishmonger, to highlight the best of Scottish fish. Here we have collected some of our favourite fish recipes you can make with the ingredients in our fish box. We will also be looking at the history behind some of these dishes. As well as t...

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