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Buy beef online from Campbells Prime Meat. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality fresh beef delivered straight to your door. We have a wide range of high-quality beef cuts available for online meat delivery. Our beef joints are perfect for making traditional roast beef. We also have a wide range of beef steaks including Aberdeen Angus and bone in steaks, as well as beef burgers and beef sausages made with our very own Campbells family recipe.

The Scotch label is a protected geographical indicator and is available across our beef range. This label ensures that every product is cut from cattle that are born, raised, and processed right here in Scotland on selected Scottish farms. These farms are part of the chain assured Scotch label scheme run by Quality Meat Scotland, which ensures that these Scottish beef cattle have been reared on farms with the highest standards of natural production methods and animal welfare. So whether you are looking for the perfect steak or roasting joint, you can be sure you are ordering the most premium products.

Our steak selection includes ribeye steaks, sirloin steaks, and fillet steaks as well as steak cuts that are increasing in popularity including rump steak, featherblade, flat iron steak, and bavette steak. We also supply luxury cuts like t-bone steaks, tomahawk steaks, chateaubriand, and cote de boeuf.

Campbells Gold is our very own range of the highest quality meat available. Every steak is dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days to ensure a rich flavour and is made from the most premium Scotch grass-fed cattle. We also have luxury Scotch Beef steak meat boxes for home delivery.

You can also purchase cuts that are perfect for roast beef, and our beef roasting joints include topside, silverside, roast rib of beef, striploin, whole rump, whole fillet, sirloin roasting joint, rib eye roasting joint, and brisket. We also supply ox cheek and diced beef shin that are excellent when slow cooked and stewed.

To find out more, our blog section has multiple resources where you can find out more about Scotch Beef and native Scottish heritage breeds of cattle. We also have several blog posts created by our food team to ensure you can get the best out of our products.

Our recipes collection also has a number of beef recipes for novice cooks and seasoned chefs alike. So whether you are looking for luxurious dinner party ideas, popular family favourites, or quick midweek meals, we have everything covered.

After supplying the finest eateries in Scotland and beyond, including those with Michelin stars, our online butchery guarantees that you receive the same products cut by the same butchers as any chef. So when you cook with Campbells, you cook with the finest.


What is Wagyu beef?

Often said to be the most expensive beef in the world, Wagyu beef is sourced from cattle that are fed a special grain mix, producing a beautifully tender meat that’s bursting with flavour. The distinctive marbling of the meat is caused by ribbons of fat that run through the cut, and this high fat content ensures that the Wagyu beef is succulent and tender.

Where to buy Wagyu beef?

Despite Wagyu beef being an expensive, and relatively exclusive meat, we are proud to say that you can order it online at Campbells Meat. As Scotland's best online butchers, we provide customers with a range of Wagyu beef cuts, including sirloin ribeye and rump steaks, alongside delicious roasting joints.

Is it worth buying beef in bulk?

Buying beef in bulk can definitely be worthwhile as it can be frozen and enjoyed at a later date. It can also often be better value for money if you buy in bulk, which is even better for your purse strings or wallet. At Campbells Meat, a good way to buy beef in bulk is by using one of our meat boxes like our classic beef steaks assortment. Buying beef in bulk is also a good idea if you own a cafe or restaurant.

Is Campbells Meat beef delivered fresh?

Yes, all of our meat products are delivered fresh. We use a one-piece foil insulated cardboard box, alongside specially designed ice packs, which keeps the meat at the correct temperature for up to 48 hours. Once you have received your beef, you should store it in your fridge and consume it by the use by date on the pack.

Where is your beef sourced?

The vast majority of our beef is sourced right here in Scotland, just look out for the Scotch label. This means that the beef is born, raised and processed on selected Scottish farms. Providing you with local produce, from farm to table.