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Chicken thighs are a dark cut of meat cut from the leg of a chicken. They can be sold skinless and boneless, or skin-on, bone-in, depending on preference. Chicken thighs are renowned for their succulent flavour and tenderness when fried, baked or even slow cooked.

At Campbells Meat, all our chicken thighs are of premium quality and prepared by our master butchers, providing our customers with the best possible meat available with every order. Our chicken thighs are perfect for making warming stews in the winter, or cooking up on the BBQ in the summer months. Why not try them with one of our delicious chicken marinades? If you’re looking for more delicious ways to cook your chicken, check out our chicken recipes page or blog today.

At Campbells, we have plenty of chicken cuts available alongside our delicious chicken thighs, including chicken breasts, chicken goujons and more. If you want to try out a wide selection, why not get yourself one of our tasty and great value meat boxes? Buy from our selection of succulent chicken thighs online today and Campbells Meats and receive free delivery on orders over £70.