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Campbells online butchers have made fresh Scotch pies available to buy through our website again due to popular demand.

Here at Campbells, we pride ourselves on being specialists when it comes to Scottish delicacies, and there’s not much that is more Scottish than a Scotch Pie.

In our opinion, this popular meal is best served with a side of mash potatoes, baked beans, gravy or egg. But feel free to add other accompaniments such as chips and roast vegetables to turn this pie from a favourite half-time footy snack into a proper family meal.

The pies we stock are freshly made in Scotland and are supplied by Pars Food - an award-winning Glasgow based company. Pars Food are well respected within the catering industry for providing high quality (not to mention tasty) pastries and pies.

Purchase fresh pies for home delivery from a traditional Scottish butcher. We guarantee that our deliveries are always fresh.

Buy the freshest Scottish pies available online from Campbells Meat online butchers today and get free delivery with orders over £70.