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At Campbells Prime Meat Ltd we pride ourselves in our high quality pork mince. A product you can work with to create a variety of delicious mince pork recipes, including meatballs and pasta bolognese. Our pork butchers also prepare diced pork and pork fillet strips which can be used in a curry, a sweet and sour dish or in a stir fry. Our online minced pork is also used in our pork and chorizo burgers, a very popular online pork product that we recommend everybody try!

Like all of our products, our minced pork and diced pork is freshly produced at our butchery in Linlithgow and sourced as sustainably as possible, so we can guarantee you’re getting the best quality meat available. Want to try out more of our pork products? Our meat boxes could be the one for you. Filled with an assortment of our most popular selection of pork products, it’s a great way to get a taste of what Campbells online butchers has to offer.

We have plenty of other pork products available, too, from bacon and sausages for all your breakfast needs, to pork chops and pork steaks for delicious dinners and evening BBQs.

For the best pork mince and diced pork from Ayrshire farms, try out Scotland's finest butcher, with free next day delivery with orders over £70.