Rolled rib of beef

What is rolled rib of beef?

Rolled rib of beef has many guises, quite often it can be referred to as thick rib of beef, and rather confusingly, it’s known as leg of mutton cut. It was so named because of its resemblance to leg of mutton, and its suitability as a delicious whole roasting joint.

Sourced from the shoulder area of the cattle, rolled rib of beef offers a wonderfully flavoursome and lean meat. Now, let’s take a look at how to cook rolled rib of beef.

How to cook rolled rib of beef

Rolled rib of beef can be the perfect centrepiece to a Sunday roast dinner. Not only is the meat delicious and tender when oven roasted or braised, it’s easy and quick to prepare. Simply season well by rubbing with salt and pepper, and place in the oven.

Slow cooked rolled rib of beef ensures that the meat comes out tender and moist. And resting the rib after cooking further improves the succulence. Serve with all the traditional trimmings of a Sunday roast dinner and you have a moth-watering feast for the family.

This joint is best served medium rare for optimal flavour and succulence, so ensure to check the rolled rib of beef cooking times from the recipe you’ll be using.