What is bacon?

I’m sure you all know what bacon is, it is after all the most popular pork product, being enjoyed by thousands of us across the nation. Who could resist the sizzling sound of frying bacon and the mouth-watering smell that soon follows.

But where does bacon come from, and what makes it different from say, gammon or other cuts of ham? Well bacon is typically sourced from the side of the pig, specifically the fatty sides of the belly. However, when you buy back bacon, this cut will have been procured from the pig’s back.

It can be purchased smoked or unsmoked, thinly cut or thick cut. Either way, it comes packed with an intense pork flavour due to the fatty nature of the cut. Some say that bacon is unhealthy, but it can and should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. After all, who can resist the sizzle?

How to cook bacon

Bacon is most commonly cooked one of two ways; grilling or frying, it really depends on your preference. Grilling tends to be healthier as the fat from bacon runs under the grill and you are left with a lovely crispy rasher. Just be sure to not overcook or burn.

Many people fry bacon in the frying pan alongside other staples of a traditional English breakfast, and is popular as the fat envelopes the other ingredients of the pan.

Bacon takes very little time to cook, typically between 5-10 minutes for both grilling and frying. The crispier you like it, the longer you should leave it.

Bacon from Campbells

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