What is gammon?

Gammon is sourced from the hind leg of a pig and is cured by smoking, brining or salt-drying. There is a little confusion when it comes to the difference between gammon and ham. Ham is bought already cooked and gammon needs to be cooked after you buy it. Essentially, gammon becomes ham once it has been cooked!

Usually purchased at the supermarket or local butchers as a whole roasting joint, either boned or boneless, gammon can also be bought in steaks. The meat is succulent when cooked and offers up a strong pork flavour.

How to cook gammon

A joint of gammon is best oven roasted, with a glaze applied before and throughout the cooking process. You may also wish to soak the joint in water before cooking to remove some salt as a typical joint can be quite high in sodium.

Making the ideal alternative to beef for a Sunday Roast dinner, and a change from the traditional Christmas dinner of turkey, oven roasted gammon offers a crispy outer layer wrapping around the moist and succulent inside.

For the same hit of pork flavour in a fraction of the time, you can quickly pan fry gammon steaks. Like a roasting joint, gammon steaks can be roasted in the oven, just remember to season well.

How long does it take to cook gammon? As a rough guideline, an oven roasted gammon joint takes around 2-2.5 hours to cook. Gammons steaks can be pan fried in around 10 minutes and oven roasted for around 25-30 minutes.

Gammon from Campbells

We have an extensive range of quality pork produce that includes bone in smoked gammon and boneless smoked gammon joints, as well as bone in gammon joints and boneless gammon roasts. You’ll also find fresh horseshoe and round gammon steaks.