Pork fatback

What is pork fatback?

Pork fatback, as the name suggests, is fat sourced from the back of the pig. Coming with or without skin, it can best be described as a slab of bacon, but with absolutely no meat present. Pork fatback is considered to be a hard fat, whereas fat procured from other areas of the pig are likely to be considered soft fat.

Fatback, is not so common and readily available to buy in its original form, but can be found as an addition to many dishes.

How to cook pork fatback

All kinds of pork treats can be made from fatback including crackling, pork rinds and pork scratching. Frying is most definitely the best way to make use of this economical and versatile cut, although baking in the oven will also yield great results.

Deep frying fatback will result in golden brown crackling pieces, with a chewy centre and a mouth-watering burst of salty pork flavour. If your pork fat back comes with the rind on, you can also use this to make pork scratchings. These can be quickly and easily made in the oven, and served up just like in the pub… only much better!

How long does it take to cook pork fatback? As a rough guideline, it will take around 1 hour in the oven and around 15 mins when deep fried.

Pork fatback from Campbells

Occasionally, we do have some pork fatback available in stock and it’s always best to check with us if you are unable to find any specific cut or product by contacting us at info@campbellsmeat.com