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Barbecued chicken is among some of the best meat for the BBQ.

We have a number of chicken options that make perfect grilled chicken when cooked on the BBQ. Our range includes tender boneless skinless chicken thighschicken breast fillets that make excellent grilled chicken, chicken drumsticks that are ideal for BBQ chicken marinade recipes, chicken goujons that are quick and easy to cook, and juicy chicken supremes.

When cooked simply serve with your favourite dipping sauce or condiments, for example, BBQ sauce or chilli sauce. For some recipe inspiration have a look at our BBQ chicken recipes including our ultimate guide to marinades and Top 5 Chicken Marinades. Our BBQ recipe ideas blog post also contains a recipe for authentic tandoori chicken.

Our BBQ meat packs and BBQ meat boxes are filled with our favourite meat for outdoor grilling. You can also choose the date of your meat box delivery for maximum convenience.