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Welcome to our new website

In January 2014 we asked our customers if they would like to see any changes in the existing website and after taking into consideration their feedback we decided to implement the necessary changes. Today we are happy to welcome you to our new and improved online store. This website is built around our household customers’ needs and preferences, making it convenient for you to buy your favourite Michelin star quality meat, fish and deli with a single click.

Some of the changes you’ll find on our new website are:

  • Wide variety of meat, fish and deli
  • Customer Reviews
  • Staff at Campbells
  • Tips and advice on how to choose meat, fish and deli
  • Cooking Instructions
  • Information on provenance
  • Recipes Suggestion
  • Single click checkout process
  • And more…

Even though the website has changed, we are still the same family business, delivering you fresh prime quality produce every time. Our fresh Scotch Beef, Lamb and Pork, as well as our fresh Fish are prepared on the day of dispatch by our skilled butchers and fishmongers. We use specially designed packaging and a very fast delivery service so that your food is as fresh as possible.

We constantly strive to improve ourselves and would welcome your feedback on our new website. Please write to us at info@campbellsmeat.com with your thoughts. Happy shopping and don’t forget to spread the word!