Beef shin

What are beef shin and beef leg?

Beef shin, yet another bargain cut that offers up fantastic flavour, is sourced from the foreleg of the cattle. The meat provides full, rich and deep flavours, and can come boneless or with bone in.

Beef leg, which is often referred to as shank, is usually procured from further above the leg than the shin, and provides a pretty similar texture. In the UK, we differentiate between the two cuts as follows; the shin (foreshank) and the leg (hindshank)

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s look at how to cook beef shin or leg.

How to cook beef shin and beef leg

As both of these cuts are procured from the same hard working area of the cow, they both benefit from the same style of cooking. The leg muscle works hard and therefore, the meat here can be tough and sinewy.

There are a few great ways to cook beef shin and beef leg, and each one follows the same basic rule; let it cook slowly for a long period of time. This method allows the meat to develop mouth-watering succulence and will gently fall apart at the touch of a fork.

Slow roasted or slow braised beef shin is the ideal winter warmer. Consider this versatile for stews and casseroles too, especially options with ale or red wine based stocks!

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