Beef tongue

What is beef tongue?

Beef tongue, also commonly referred to as Ox tongue, falls into the same category as cuts of meat like pig’s trotters, lamb kidneys and pig’s ear. They’re cuts of meat that perhaps we are a little scared to eat, but if we try it just once, we’d see what we were missing out on.

Beef tongue has a high fat content, which results in an intense flavour and nice texture. Not only that, it’s nutrient dense, especially in zinc and iron. It’s a mainstay of many Asian cuisines and can be found in many dishes from all over the world. And we say its high time we embrace this delicious and easy to cook cut of beef.

How to cook beef tongue

There are quite a few different methods for cooking beef tongue; the Japanese and Koreans put it to great use in their BBQ dishes, and in Mexico, it’s often used in classic dishes such as tacos or burritos. While the choices are many, we feel the best way to cook beef tongue is by simmering.

Firstly, if it hasn’t already been done, you’ll want to give the beef tongue a scrub. A clean kitchen brush would be best. Luckily, this is the only preparation you’ll have to do really and the rest of the process is so simple.

Add the cleaned beef tongue to a pot of water, ensuring that it’s fully immersed. Now add the seasoning of your choice; we’d recommend garlic, bay leaves, onion, oregano and of course, salt and pepper. Bring the pot to boiling point and then reduce to a gentle simmer. Cover and cook for a few hours; estimate around 1 hour per pound of tongue for optimal tenderness.

Once the beef tongue has finished cooking, submerge in an ice bath until it’s cool enough to handle. Once cool, you can remove the skin and you’ll be left with a tender and lean piece of beef ready for serving. Slice thinly and serve with pretty much anything you like! Add to Tacos like the Mexicans or pair with horseradish sauce in a tasty, wholesome sandwich. The choice is yours!

Beef tongue from Campbells

If you feel inspired to cook with this much-overlooked cut of beef, you can go ahead and order fresh beef tongue today from Campbells Meat. We supply fresh salted ox tongue and unsalted ox tongue, sourced from Scotch beef cattle born and naturally raised in Scotland.