Feather blade of beef

What is feather blade of beef?

Feather blade of beef is one of those cuts of beef that you have to seek out. It’s never really offered to us in supermarkets, which is a real shame as it’s a very good cut of beef that’s low on price but big on flavour.

Feather blade of beef is sourced from the shoulder blade of the cow, and it’s named is derived from the feather like tissue that runs through the meat. A blade steak tends to be quite small, but offers a sweet flavour. When cooked correctly, this feather of fat renders down to offer more flavour and a more moist, succulent texture.

How to cook feather blade of beef

Braised feather blade of beef has grown in popularity since the slow cooking boom, and we’re fully on board with this method of cooking. Braising and slow cooking helps the meat to fully tenderise and develop flavour. The result is super tender meat that falls apart at the touch of a fork, and a burst of juicy flavour when you take that first bite.

If you are cooking a feather blade steak and don’t have the time for the slow cooking method, the steak should be pan fried quickly over a high heat, and left to rest. Ideally, you should aim for medium-rare as anything more will result in a tougher texture.

Feather blade of beef from Campbells

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