Fillet of Beef

What is fillet of beef?

Arguably the most prized cut of beef, although few would argue against this accolade. Very little fat runs through the meat, which results in a wonderful texture that truly is “melt in the mouth” good. Sometimes referred to as tenderloin, it is an expensive cut that yields such fantastic flavours and succulence that it easily merits the higher price. Most commonly eaten as fillet steaks, but whole fillets are also available.

How to cook fillet of beef

This quality cut of beef offers amazing texture and flavour, just so long as you take care during cooking. It’s most likely that you’ll be cooking fillet steak, and so the same rules apply here as they do with other steaks such as sirloin and rib eye.

The meat should be cooked quickly in a hot pan, and should be seasoned well. Ensure all sides are sealed through searing, and cook evenly on both sides. Cooking times will vary depending on your preference, but to experience that mouth-watering tenderness, we’d recommend going for medium-rare. Once cooked, the steak should be removed from the pan and rested for a few minutes. This will allow the juices that have risen to the surface of the meat to sink back in and further soften the beef.

If you’re hosting a dinner party, you may want to think about buying and cooking a whole fillet. Cook as a luxurious roasting joint or put to great use in a wonderful beef wellington. And of course, having the whole fillet gives you the option to cut it into individual steaks.

Fillet of beef recipes

Working alongside our team of in-house chefs, we’ve put together a selection of stunning recipes using Campbells Meat’s very own produce. Check out our Asian inspired poached fillet of beef with soy and ginger recipe, or our classic peppered fillet of beef with whisky sauce recipe.

Discover plenty more beef recipes in our inspiration section.

Fillet of beef from Campbells

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