Rump steak

What is rump steak?

Procured from the lower back of the cow, the rump is typically sold as steaks or whole roasting joints. Less expensive and perhaps a little less tender than fillet or sirloin steak, the rump is a fantastic everyday steak that packs plenty of flavour without costing a small fortune.

And bought from the butchers as a roasting joint, it’s ideal for a mouth-watering Sunday roast dinner.

How to cook rump steak

As with fillet or sirloin steaks, due care and attention is needed when cooking rump steak, especially if you want to get the best results. The same formula applies; cook the rump steak in a frying pan over a high heat to your taste, whether that it rare, medium or well done.

After your meat has come up to room temperature, lightly brush the steak with olive oil and season well with salt and pepper. Ready the frying pan over a high heat until smoking and place the steak in the pan. Cook on both sides for around 2 mins for a succulent medium-rare texture, remembering to seal the sides.

Once seared all over for 2 minutes on each side, remove the steak from the pan and place on a cooking board. Rest for 3 minutes to allows the meat to relax and retain all the juices that came to the surface during cooking. Serve whole or slice for a beautiful looking plate of meat.

How to cook roast rump

Unlike most other roasting joints that benefit from slow cooking, a roast rump is best cooked quickly at a high temperature and should be served medium rare for optimal flavour. Sear the meat in a hot frying pan to seal the meat and add to a baking tray. Season well with salt and pepper and add herbs and spices to your taste.

Cook in the oven on a medium to high heat for around an hour for medium. Best to refer to your chosen rump roast recipe for exact times needed depending on your preference and the weight of the rump joint.

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