What is silverside beef?

Procured from the hindquarter of cattle, silverside can be described best as a lean, boneless cut of meat that features only a slither of marbled fat and a wide-grained texture. It’s quite similar to topside but as it’s a little tougher, it does require longer cooking to achieve tenderness.

Although it’s often classed as a second-class roasting joint, Silverside of beef can take pride of place on the dining table of any Sunday roast dinner, providing it’s cooked correctly.

How to cook silverside beef

As we just mentioned, silverside of beef makes for a very good roasting joint. And an affordable one at that. What’s more, it’s fairly easy to cook. Best pot roasted or roasted in the oven, beef silverside is complemented well by garlic and rosemary. Remember, as always, to season well with salt and pepper before placing in the oven.

As the meat is a little tougher than other roasting joints, you’ll get the benefit of roasting your silverside of beef on a low heat for a few hours. Refer to your silverside of beef recipe for accurate cooking times. As huge fans of Sunday beef roasts, we recommend serving it medium-rare alongside an onion gravy and creamy mashed potatoes.

Silverside beef from Campbells

You can buy premium grade silverside of beef roasting joints online today from Campbells Meat. Prepared from Scotch beef, our butcher remove any bones and trim the joint, leaving a maximum of 10mm of fat that helps with the roasting.

As quality online butchers, we specially select the best beef available, primarily from our supplier Scotbeef Inverurie, then dry age it for 21-28 days. This gives the beef time to allow flavour to develop and obtain the level of tenderness required to meet the Campbells Gold standard. Our own hanging chill is temperature and humidity controlled.

Buy silverside of beef online today from Campbells Meat and get it delivered freshly to your door, ready to be cooked for your next Sunday Roast dinner!

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