Thin rib of beef

What is thin rib of beef?

Thin rib of beef, also known as beef short ribs are much overlooked cut that offers fantastic flavours for a modest price. Sourced from between the flank and brisket, they are also aptly named Jacob’s ladders, and this economical cut is used in numerous world cuisines.

The meat on the ribs are accompanied by seams of fat that add fantastic flavour once the dissolve and envelope themselves into the beef. When cooked properly, the thin rib of beef provides an amazing tender texture with a juicy, rich and indulgent taste. Let’s look at how to cook thin rib of beef.

How to cook thin rib of beef

As this cheap but worthy cut contains both a lot of fat, bone and connective tissues, the best way to prepare thin rib of beef is by slow cooking. These ribs absorb moisture throughout the long, slow cook, and marinades work very well with this method too. Braised thin rib of beef is popular in many Asian cuisines, especially when marinated with that cuisines trademark herbs and spices.

Another method to consider is stewing; just as long as you follow the general rule of slow cooking. We want to give the meat plenty of time to tenderise and flavours to develop.

Thin rib of beef from Campbells

We have lip-smacking thin rib of beef available to buy online today. Our Fresh Scotch Beef Jacobs Ladder contains three ribs worth of meat which are separated by our skilled butchers. If you’d like a whole Jacobs Ladder, please leave a note in the “Special Instructions” section when ordering.

All of our quality beef produce, including the thin rib of beef, is sourced from cattle born and raised in Scotland on farms meeting Quality Meat Scotland's quality assurance standards. Buy beef online today from Campbells Meat and get it delivered freshly to your doorstep!

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