Ham hock

What is ham hock?

Ham hock is sourced from the foot/hand of the pig, more precisely the knuckle and is mostly used in making soups and stocks. It’s an affordable cut that consists mostly of bone, fat and a little meat. Not to be mistaken with trotters, the cut is sourced from just above the trotter, where the meat yields an intense flavour.

How to cook ham hock

As we mentioned, ham hock is great for use in soups and stock. Simmering the hock in water for a long period of time allows the water to adopt the intense pork flavour. Not only that, the meat will become so tender that it will easily fall of the bone, making it great for use in lentil and pea based soups, along with the stock made during simmering.

The meat can also be collected together after boiling and put to good use in a terrine or a served on the bone with sides such as sauerkraut. Although there is little meat to be had, the pork on ham hock is rich and full of flavour.

How long does it take to cook ham hock? As a rough guideline, cooking ham hock for 2-3 hours yields the best results.

Ham hock from Campbells

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