Leg of pork

What is leg of pork?

Leg of pork is fairly obvious, but to be precise, we are talking about the section of the leg from above the trotters up to the rump of the animal. The leg can be roasted whole, or cut into smaller more manageable roasting joints, and are often further broken down into lean steaks or diced cubes of pork.

Meat from the leg of pork tends to consist of just a little fat, making it a healthier cut. With that in mind, it’s important to take care when cooking this versatile and affordable pork cut. It’s quite easy to dry the meat out through overcooking.

How to cook leg of pork

Often available as roasting joints, it’s advisable to oven roast leg of pork for maximum flavour and succulence. Keeping the bone in during a long, slow roast helps the meat retain moisture and prevents the joint from drying out. The resulting roast leg of pork should provide a succulent interior and crispy surface, making it a wonderful Sunday dinner showpiece!

If you’ve bought pork leg escalopes, these can be pan friend or grilled. Pan fried with breadcrumbs make for a wonderful treat. Diced pork leg is ideal for use in slow cooked casseroles and stews.

How long does it take to cook leg of pork? As a rough guideline, a 1.5-2kg joint will take 2-3 hours to oven roast, and escalopes can be pan fried in as little as 10-20 minutes.

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