Pork shoulder

What is pork shoulder?

This area of a pig’s anatomy is very hard working and therefore pork shoulder is one of tougher cuts available. The real strength of pork shoulder lies in its versatility, and the fact that it packs a lot of flavour despite it’s fairly modest price tag.

Typically available as a boned or boneless roasting joint, or diced/minced, pork shoulder has been making a comeback of sorts since the mania of slow cooking took hold. With this in mind, let’s look at how to cook pork shoulder.

How to cook pork shoulder

As the shoulder meat is very tough, any and all variations of pork shoulder will benefit from slow cooking. Whether you’re using a boned or boneless joint, minced or diced pork shoulder, the same rules apply. Cook at a low heat for a long period of time to tenderise the meat and fully developed the flavours.

Pork shoulder joints are best roasted or braised, and pot roasted slowly alongside all the typical herbs and spices that complement it. If you are using diced meat, or indeed ground pork, the same rules apply. A casserole or stew should be left long enough to ensure that the pork becomes succulent and soft.

In our inspiration section, we’ve got one such ground pork meat recipe that’s definitely worth a try. Our Homemade Pork Pie recipe puts minced pork to great use!

How long does it take to cook pork shoulder? As a rough guideline, roasted pork shoulder will take around 3 - 3.5 hours to cook.

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