About Campbells – A Family Run Business for over 100 years

The Campbells story started over 100 years ago when a young Thomas Campbell took up his craft as a butcher in 1910. Over a century later, and his legacy still lives on in the Campbells name. It’s his passion for Scottish produce that has been passed on from father to son and brother to brother. And while we’ve grown as a business, our dedication to quality, freshness and craftmanship is still what gets us up in the morning. At Campbells, we bring more than just great quality, fresh ingredients - we bring four generations of knowledge and passion. And with more than a century of craft under our apron strings, we’re proud to say we’re more than just master butchers, we are Masters of Taste.

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  1. 1910

    Our founder, Thomas Campbell, started his first job as a butcher on Castle Street in Edinburgh. Before long, he rose through the ranks to become a master of his trade.

    1910 Image
  2. 1911

    The Campbells Haggis family recipe was born by one of Thomas’ five sons, John. Although it’s still a family secret, we can tell you he used only the finest oats, seasoning and Scottish lamb.

    1911 Image
  3. 1915

    Thomas Campbell opened the first home of Campbells on 60 Queen Street in Edinburgh. He put craftsmanship at the heart of the business from the very beginning and it is still our guiding light.

    1915 Image
  4. 1925

    Three of Thomas’ sons took on the family business with plans to expand and keep up their father’s passion for craft and quality.

  5. 1957

    After 35 years of building the Campbells brand nationwide, the business was passed down to the next generation, Edward and Hector.

    1957 Image
  6. 1958

    Hector Campbell created a new arm to Campbells. As well as selling to the general public in their popular butcher’s shop, he began supplying to hotels and restaurants all over Scotland. It was a huge success and is still part of the business to this day.

    1958 Image
  7. 1964

    Hector passed away and the business was sold to DS Crawford (a subsidiary of United Biscuits) while Edward Campbell continued to act as the Managing Director.

    1964 Image
  8. 1972

    Edward Campbell started his own business under the new name Campbells Prime Meat Ltd. Despite having only two vans and six men, Edward was determined to keep up the family legacy. Keeping up the hotel and restaurant end of the business, it wasn’t long before he’d made his name like his father had before him.

    1972 Image
  9. 1982

    After 10 years of hard work and some Michelin star chef clientele along the way, Edward moved Campbells to a bigger home in the West of Edinburgh.

  10. 1992

    Campbells once again had to move to bigger and better premises. This was also the year that French, Italian and Spanish delicatessen produce were added to the Campbells menu.

  11. 1994

    Campbells created it’s well-respected, premium Gold label to mark its finest 21-day hung beef. Approved by the SFQC, the mark represents only the best in Scottish beef.

    1994 Image
  12. 2000

    Campbells broaden their range with a brand-new fishmongers. With the aim of keeping the family tradition of mastery and quality, Campbells decide to only sell the finest fresh fish, caught from creels and nets off the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

    2000 Image
  13. 2003

    The launch of Campbells online butcher brought Campbells straight to the public for the first time in 40 years. Now everyone could have restaurant quality meat and fish delivered straight to their door.

    2003 Image
  14. 2006

    Edward retired and passed on the business to his son Christopher. Under his leadership, the business grew into the largest butchers in Scotland.

    2006 Image
  15. 2009

    After a disastrous fire in May 2009, the business made a move to its new home in Linlithgow - a site even bigger than the last. Although 2009 wasn’t an easy year, the new building meant Campbells could offer customers even more produce and give its master butchers more space practice their craft.

    2009 Image
  16. 2009

    To this day, the Campbells name represents the values of original master butcher, Thomas Campbell. With Scotland’s finest master butchers and fishmongers using only the highest quality produce, his legacy of expertise lives on not only in the homes of our customers, but in some of the country’s best restaurants.

    2009 Image

And the story goes on…