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The key to a great burger is using the finest quality ingredients in every burger patty. Every single one of our burgers uses the finest quality mince, spices, and herbs. All of our burgers are also made by hand to order by our master butchers.

Our range includes pork burgers that are made from high-quality pork mince and then flavoured with added chorizo. These burgers are bursting with Iberian flavours and are excellent when served with a slice of Manchego cheese.

Our lamb burgers are made from the finest ground lamb and fresh herbs, and they pair particularly well with a helping of tzatziki sauce on top.

Our chilli burgers are perfect for those that like a fiery kick to their BBQ burgers. Lastly, our blaggis burgers are made from a mix of finest beef steak mince, black pudding, and our own family recipe for haggis that dates back to 1911.

Our premium burger box contains our bestselling burgers in a convenient BBQ burger box.

You want to make sure to cook burgers on high heat so that they sear nicely. When they have finished cooking and have reached a safe internal temperature you can serve them any way you choose. From classic cheeseburgers with finely chopped red onion to lashings of BBQ sauce or sweet chilli sauce.

For some BBQ burger recipe inspiration why not take a look at our Top 20 Burger Toppings.