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  • Simply Haggis

    10 Aug

    Simply Haggis

    At Campbells, we offer a range of online Puddings and online Haggis available for purchase on our website. We pride ourselves on being the only producer of Scottish Haggis, using a family recipe which dates back to 1910 and is PGI (Protected Geographic Institute) certified.

    All of our Haggis and Black Pudding is produced at our premises in Linlithgow. We use only the finest ingredients to produce fresh Haggis, including fresh Lamb...

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  • Nick’s Boneless Leg of Lamb

    30 Jun

    Nick’s Boneless Leg of Lamb

    'One of my favourite family eating occasions is a roast. I have a continual personal debate over which is best, beef, lamb, pork, or even a good ol chicken. Lamb is a treat, I think, and Campbells source really good Scottish lamb joints.

    You’ve got to have roast tatties with any joint, that’s a rule in my book. And gravy. But with lamb I als...

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