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  • British Pie Week

    19 Feb

    British Pie Week

    British Pie Week at Campbells

    We are thrilled to be celebrating British Pie Week at Campbells this year. We love festivals about food, and anything that celebrates food in the UK is particularly important for us as we pride ourselves in supplying restaurant quality products made from the best UK farms.

    As a Scottish butcher, we also want to promote the finest Scottish produce available and have a wide variety of ...

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  • The Cornish Pasty History and Recipe

    28 Jan

    The Cornish Pasty History and Recipe

    At Campbells, we love celebrating food. The Cornish pasty originates from Cornwall and traditionally consists of beef, potatoes, swede, and onion cooked together then wrapped in uncooked pastry which is then baked in an oven. In some ways it is similar to a Scottish bridie, the South American empanada, or the Jamaican patty. One of the unique aspects of the Cornish pasty is the distinct ha...

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